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Prince George, The Northern Capitol of BC

map of BC

How to Get Here:

Prince George is the Northern capital of British Columbia, Canada. You get here by a short one hour flight from Vancouver or Calgary. Both have an International Airport that can be reached from major cities in the US and from Europe.

Travel Formalities:

View of the LakeEntering and leaving Canada is uncomplicated. Check with your travel agent for visa requirements but most countries don't need additional documentation besides your passport. Your passport has to be valid for at least 6 months and you need a return ticket if you arrive by air. You are allowed to bring hunting rifles or shotguns as well as semi-automatic weapons and ammunition but no pistols, revolvers, or automatic weapons. Make sure to take the bolt out of your rifle and place it in the gun case. Keep your ammunition in your main luggage and mention it to the airline.

Generally every person is allowed two pieces of luggage each 23kg ( 50 pounds ). One bag for carry-on luggage and one camera case.

Who is United Guide & Outfitter:

The Trembleur FamilyWe are a family business guiding guests from around the world since 1987 with some of the best guides you will find anywhere.

Besides some occasional consulting work for the Canadian International Development Agency, guiding hunters and fishing guests is all we do. My wife is the cook on most every trip and our guides and I have the fun job of taking the guests out hunting.

All but one of our guides and I are also bowhunters and do not shy away from the extra effort needed to get an archer close for that perfect shot. We actually enjoy it a lot and look forward to shooting some arrows with the guests at lunch time.

Bowhunting for Black BearWe also have trained tracking dogs from Europe for the rare occasion when an animal gets away wounded. They will track for a long ways without us seeing any sign and have enabled us to find game that would otherwise have been lost.

Not only do we owe it to the animal to do our absolute best to find it but it also gives great comfort knowing that the wound was not a fatal one when the dogs don't find it.



The KidsLast but not least we believe that especially in the last years "hunting" has come under intense attack by extreme anti-hunting organizations that are gaining ground with the undecided non-hunting public by lying and misinforming them. In our mind it is of the utmost importance to support pro-hunting organizations and therefore we are proud to be members of and/or have donated to: Safari Club International, Guide Outfitter Association of BC, Weiberrevier Germany, Oregon Blacktail Foundation, Traditional Bowhunters of BC, Traditional Bowhunters of Georgia, PG Rod & Gun, Deer Search Inc. NY.

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United Guide and Outfitter
P.O.Box 405 Prince George, BC Canada V2L 4S2
Phone: 1-250-964-0511 - Fax: 1-250-964-0512
Toll Free North America: 1-888-564-3062 or emailemail
Note: If you can't get a hold of us through our regular phone numbers and need to contact us
or one of our guests while we are out in the field please call our Satellite Phone Number:
Nationally: 1-403-987-0264 or Overseas: 001-403-987-0264

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