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We provide the Accommodations

Camp for Hunt 1 and 2

On a beautiful meadow we set up our tent camp with several large wall tents and a tipi. The tipi and the wall tents have wood stoves and camping cots in them to offer comfortable sleeping quarters. Two of the wall tents serve as our kitchen and dining tents. Our 4' x 8' shower shack is a welcome sight after a long day's hunt. An attractive campfire area with benches around lures everyone to gather in the evenings to tell stories and tall tales.

Archery targets and a rifle shooting bench keep everyone sharp and on target. A sturdy metal gong hanging from a tree has been hit many times by some breathtaking muzzle-loading rifles. Skinning and cleaning tables complete the essentials of a hunting camp.

Camping in the wilderness
Hunting adventures

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Fly-in Camp for Hunt 2

Island Lake and Fleming Lake each have a simple cabin equipped with a cook stove, wood stove, dining area, and bedding for four people. There is a large canoe to hunt and fish from, and we usually take no more than 2 hunters per trip in to these remote wilderness camps.

Wilderness Setting Comfortable Accommodations

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The Lodge for Hunt 3 and 4

Our remote Wilderness Lodge on Trembleur Lake has a fully equipped wash house with running hot and cold water, showers, basins, and toilets. The bedrooms are for two guests each and the main building has a large sun deck, living room and dining area. All of our camp situations have a radio phone for communications. Our Lodge can only be reached by boat, float plane, or helicopter. For more information and pictures of our Lodge visit www.bcfishingadventures.com

Trembleur Lake Lodge
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