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Hunting for Moose, Bear, Cougar, Wolf, Duck, Grouse and Fishing in BC Canada

Black Bear, Grizzly, Wolf and Moose HuntingHunting Adventures in BC

NEW - Mountain Goat Hunt in Northern BC
Remote and beautiful locations, dedicated guiding, and the hunt of a lifetime. Don't miss out!

There are different times and seasons of the year when the hunting is best for each animal. You can book a hunt for a spring Black Bear or Grizzly or you may want to go after Moose and Wolf. In the fall you may want to book for a combination hunt which can include grouse hunting and fishing as well as Black Bear and Wolf. Please contact us for exact dates or use our online reservation form.

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Hunt 1 / Black Bear :

7 Days, 2 - 1: $4,300
7 Days, 1 - 1: $4,900
2nd Bear: $1,600

The traditional Spring hunt for Black Bear is very successful and gives you the best quality pelt. This time of the year we hunt the areas that green up first, like logged areas, grown over side roads and open hillsides. Spot and stalk makes this a very fun and exciting hunt.

Our Black Bear hunt is one of the best British Columbia has to offer and with regular entries in the BC record book this claim is definitely not an overstatement.

Most of our hunters have a trophy bear within the first half of this seven day hunt. On average every hunter gets to see 10 to 20 bears on this trip. (Usually more)

Bowhunting for Black Bear

Black Bear Hunting

Hunt BC Black Bear Black Bear Hunting Black Bear Hunting

Hunting Black Bear in BC Black Bear Hunting Black Bear Hunting

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Moose Hunting Hunt 2 / Moose Hunt:

From the middle of September to the beginning of November is the best time to hunt these majestic animals.

By concentrating on meadows, lakes and swampy areas where the majority of the cows are gathered we have great success with our calling techniques. What a thrill it is to call a 900 pound bull until he is only a few yards away grunting madly. An experience you won't soon forget.

We offer two different Moose hunts.

Hunt 2 / Moose and Wolf :

Moose Hunting 10 Days, 1 - 1: $9,500

One takes place in the same area as our Spring Bear Hunt (Hunt 1). We bring our trucks across Babine Lake with a logging barge, then drive to the different spots to hunt by foot or we may sit and call depending on wind and weather.




Bowhunting for Moose Moose Hunting Moose Hunting

Bowhunting for Moose Moose Hunting Moose Hunting

Hunt 2 / Fly-In Moose Hunt in the Park :

Guided Moose Hunts in remote wilderness 10 Days, 1 - 1: $9,500 + $900 flight cost

In the heart of "Rubyrock Lake Park" we have a fly-in camp on a small lake. Surrounded by untouched wilderness this area has one of the highest moose populations in the province and regularly produces good trophy bulls. The hunts are conducted to a large part with the canoe or on foot and utilize different calling techniques. There will not be more than two hunters at a time at this lake.

Bring your fishing rod as these waters are teeming with trout and it is always a great treat to fry up fresh fish for dinner.

Trophies Hunting prize Moose Hunting

Both of these hunts will provide you with a trip of a lifetime in unspoiled Canadian wilderness. We are not only trying to be some of the hardest working guides you can find but also fun to go hunting with. We love what we do and it shows. All our guides are experienced hunters and know how to call in that bull you are looking for.

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Hunt 3 / Grizzly Bear :

10 Days, 1 - 1: 15,000
Grizzly HideSince we only take one Grizzly Bear Hunter each year we have chosen the best possible time and place for this trip.

In the beginning of September we have thousands of salmon going into our creeks and these yearly runs trigger something in every bear's mind. It is an annual ritual for the bears in most parts of British Columbia to migrate to these fish filled streams.

Here we hunt with you by boat, canoe, on foot or from a tree stand. At this time it seems these areas are infested with bears and wolves. Every time, when you walk across that sand bank from yesterday your tracks will be covered with wolf and bear tracks.

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Hunt 4 / Black Bear - Wolf - Ducks - Geese - Grouse and Fishing Combination.

10 Days, 2 - 1: $4,500
10 Days, 1 - 2: $5,400

Hunting for grouse, black bear, wolf, ducks and fishingThis is a fantastic combination at a beautiful time of the year. The beginning of September not only brings thousands of salmon to our streams but also hundreds of ducks and geese into the bays of Trembleur Lake.

On this hunt you will be hunting for black bear, wolf, ducks, geese, and grouse and the chances of getting all of these animals are very good.

Also the fishing at Trembleur at this time of the year is at it's best. Big trout up to 20 pounds are swimming in these waters. If you would like to know more about our fishing we can send you our brochure or have a look at

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Hunt 5 / Cougar and Lynx Hunt in B.C.

Hunting for Cougar in Chilcotin country7 Days, 1 - 1: $8,600

We are able to offer four mountain lion hunts per season in an area that has produced some of the biggest cats in the world.

One of our guides is also a well known and accomplished houndsman. His dogs get to run bears and cougar whenever he gets a chance around his home on Vancouver Island. Needless to say that they are all keen and in top condition by the time we start running cats in the interior of British Columbia. Give us a call for available dates.

Note: Our prices do not include: licence tags, hotel, tips, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and personal gear.

Bowhunting for Cougars Hunting for Mountain Lion Hunting for Cougar and Lynx

Bowhunting for Cougars Hunting for Mountain Lion Hunting for Cougar and Lynx

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Hunt 6 / Mountain Goat Hunt in Northern BC

Hunting for Cougar in Chilcotin country10 Days, 1 - 1: $9,000

690.000 acre 155 miles northwest of Prince George in the northern half of British Columbia. The area has beautiful mountains, lakes and rivers surrounded by endless forest. There are parts that have forest roads and logging activities and the larger share is untouched wilderness.

Our trails are used on foot and by horse to get our guests to the best places for the hunt of a lifetime. There are also remote lakes that can only be reached by float plane. Click here to read more...

Note: Our prices do not include: licence tags, hotel, tips, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and personal gear.

Bowhunting for Cougars Hunting for Mountain Lion Hunting for Cougar and Lynx

Bowhunting for Cougars Hunting for Mountain Lion Hunting for Mountain Lion

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